Midicode Synthesizer

Midicode Synthesizer 1.2

Powerful sound generation with combined harmonic and dual FM synthesis engine
1.2.0 (See all)
Peter Frazer Consultancy

A fresh approach to software synthesis

Main Features:

- Powerful sound generation with combined harmonic and dual FM / AM synthesis engine
- Stereo instruments including ones that move in the stereo image
- 16 voices with up to 4 oscillators per voice
- Separate harmonic and envelope control for each oscillator
- Easy to use drag and drop editing
gold star Dual effect processor with reverb, echo, phasing, flanging, chorus, double tracking and compression
- Comprehensive microtonal tuning facilities with octave stretching and user defined scale structures
- Supports multiple MIDI input and output devices
- Works with all major sequencing software
- On-screen velocity sensitive keyboard with legato playing and chord facilities
- Accordion interface plays chords, spread chords and arpeggios with a single mouse click
- Over 100 pre-set instruments and over 30 pre-set effects
- Voice mixer provides mix and balance controls for all 16 voices
- Midi Controls provides support for pitch bend, modulation, sustain, reverb, chorus, volume and pan MIDI controllers
- Adjustable on-screen oscilloscope display

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